Smart AI

Experienced Smart Data Concierge supports your Analysys.

To utilize IoT x BigData x AI technology, it is required for you to have wide-range-knowledge including not only IT but also electrical machines, equipments, sensors, mobile, software, services… etc. On the other hand, to obtain these knowledges, it is necessary to have experience of operating IoT x BigData x AI actually.

  • To make a policy how IoT × BigData × AI should be applied.
  • To establish specific plan to implement IoT x BigData x AI.
  • To consider what you can do with IoT × BigData × AI.
  • To verify what kind of operation is best for IoT × BigData × AI.

To solve above issues, we will provide Data Scientist Business Service Solution with taking advantage of our experience. The contents are as follows.

Contents Service
①Collect the Data Smart Hub
②Optimize the Data
③Process the Data Smart Processing
④Store the Data Smart DataLake
⑤Analyze the Data Smart AI
⑥AI Model Training

It realizes quick PDCA cycle of data analysis with no development.