What is AllegroSmart Platform

AllegroSmart Easily, Quickly and Flexible built for Internet of Things

We can flexibly orchestrate the various hundreds of millions of devices, sensors, connected cars, existing electrical equipment, electrical machinery equipment, instrumentation equipment, various business systems, etc. and quickly and easily build BigData can do. “IoT × BigData × AI Full Stack Platform as a Service Cloud System that can be utilized in the world’s first immediate practice” to easily and quickly realize “various visualization, various automatic analysis / analysis, AI prediction” We will support the development of Industry 4.0.

Smart Hub

Orchestrates of a wide variety of devices and systems.
Collects the data in real-time, optimize the meaning of the data.

Performs 200 connection and collection processings per sec.
Various file types can be processed.(CSV/XML/ZIP/TXT/JPG)
Various data types can be processed.(Numeric Data/Text Data/Image Data/Binary)
Optimize the difference of data meanings.

Smart Processing

Processes data with multiple time-series processings and
multiple statistical analysis processing.

Performs time-series processing of different multiple data in real-time.
(In 1/1000 second resolution)
Performs analysis processing of different multiple data in real-time.
Performs detection and notification processing of necessary data.
Performs calculation processing with re-utilizing the stored data.

Smart AI

Various predictions and anomaly detections from real-time data can be performed.

Executes prediction and automatic anomaly detection.
Executes multiple AI models concurrently.
Externally developed AI model also can be executed.
Multiple AI models training can be executed concurrently.

Smart DataLake

Stores analysis results, automatic prediction results and all other information,
and enables to utilize the data in real-time.

Performs real-time high-speed write/utilize, 5000 processes per sec.
(Numeric Data/Text Data/Image Data/Binary)
Manages AI Models and the learning scripts.
Provides API to facilitate development of applications and visualizations.
Provides calculation processing API such as resampling and downsampling.