Customer Cases


Case1 : Disease Prevention PoC(from 2014 to 2017)

Heartrate data from vital sensors every 1 ~ 3 seconds.

Temperature data and humidity data from environmental sensors every 5 minutes.

Pressure, illuminance, wind speed, wind direction and rainfall data from environmental sensors every 15 minutes.


Changes in atmospheric pressure and heartrate due to the climate and location.

→Balance of parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves.→Stress Index.

Weather changes that are known to affect physical condition


→Weather prediction and comparison of stress index value by AI.


Case2 : Solar power generation facilities management(from 2016 till now, operating.)

Prediction of power generation from solar radiation utilizing relatedness between solar radiation amount and power generation amount.

Compare the predicted original power level with the actual power level, and estimate the failure.

※ Current the electric power (A and kWh) from each groups(strings) of solar panels, and power generation amount from power conditioner from the site through the Internet.