CEO Message

AllegroSmart Inc.
CEO / Narutoshi Tabuchi

Tabuchi experienced Plant System Engineer at Major Manufacturer Company in Japan.  After that, he through an Internet Service Provider and did IT Consulting.  After all, he started up his own company based on the his patented log data integration technology, and developed revolutionary IoT Platform that can be introduced easily and immediately regardless of OS and the other environments.  Currently, the platform is offering to many companies.

IoT will become infrastructure of society soon.

Log Data Integration Technology opened up the possibility of IoT.

There is almost no similar service that can choose any operating environment, no programming required, immediately available from today.  And, we have introduced our service to many companies.

For example, at a music distribution company, the platform is used to integrate and analyze different logs of 180 sites that include which sites were downloaded and when which songs were downloaded.  In pharmaceutical companies, it is used for strict temperature control until investigational drugs are manufactured and administered. One manufacturer company is trying to quantify “master craftsmanship” by accumulating every log generated during the manufacturing process. In collaboration with a meteorological service company, we participated in a project to investigate the relation between heart rate and blood pressure etc by municipalities and meteorological data. The scope of application is infinite.

Something’s dedicated environment makes no sense,
We develop global standard IoT system.

Currently, IoT System is introduced to many companies, I am feeling the same elevation as I did when the dawn of the Internet.  However, if it sticks to something’s dedicated IoT engine, it takes long time and large cost to build, and there is also a high risk that it can not respond to systematic environmental changes such as version upgrade of the OS. What we are conceived is the simplicity of realizing the IoT environment simply by installing a USB memory, for example. Like the Internet, IoT is basically based on openness and should be “common social infrastructure” like the Internet.

Platform is only a tool. Rather than doing business on its own, I would like to support the idea and development of what big value we gathered at IoT, what to do and what to do.  A variety of platforms will be born one after another and will be culled.  So we aim to be a platform that will be the foundation of the next generation technology as a global standard.