Business Opportunity

Health Care Management

In recent years, trend of health care is changing to the prevention of disease, from symptomatic treatment. For that purpose, it is essential to health management through continuous record a routine measurement, but it was difficult to use of data on the conventional paper-based records. AllegroSmart collects real-time data from a variety of health care equipment such as heart rate sensor and blood pressure meter, to achieve an integrated manner to remote management. In addition, it is possible to detect the sudden physical condition varies depending on alert function, makes it possible to inform and notify the family and acquaintances, and supports a more safe and secure life.

Elderly Care Management

Now a days, rapid aging of society is one of the largest global issue. Traditional monitoring instruments for elderly lacks of critical features, because you should press the emergency button by yourself when you had something. AllegroSmart collects the data in real time from health care equipment and human motion sensors such as heart rate sensor, to deliver integrated manner to remote management. Also, since it is possible to notify to the families and acquaintances by detecting a sudden physical condition changed by the alert feature to ensure support more safe and secure life.

Smart Factory

If all data is available during 365 days / 24 hours, you can optimize production in optimal timinig and volume to meet market needs. However, conventionally it was difficult to efficiently collect all the data in real time, because you have too many datasources to handle: various industrial machinery running in the factory, control board of manufacturing equipment, production management system, market needs, plant management system, raw material status. By using AllegroSmart can easily collect data in real-time, further also be possible to perform failure prediction and efficiency measurements by combining a machine learning. You can achive to improve efficiency, quality, productivity, reliability.

Facility Management

To deploy such as BEMS (Building Energy Management System), FEMS (Factory Energy Management System) and CEMS (Cluster / Community Energy Management System), you will need to manage the large amount of installation and measurement equipment. In addition, traditional method for comprehensive energy management takes enormous cost. If you can remotely manage the Electrical Equipments in buildings and factories, with the data collecting and alert feature in the AllegroSmart, it brings centralized monitoring console to you. It will lead to business performance improvement of maintenance personnel, and will achive cost reduction of equipment maintenance by enabling fault prediction.


By setting a compact observation device in each town unit, real-time grasp of weather conditions (sensor data, solar radiation, water temperature, soil, humidity, temperature, pressure, water level, CO2, rainfall, wind speed) and camera images can be displayed in each town Collected in units, observations of local typhoons and torrential rains that could not be grasped so far will be possible, and each residents will be able to grasp changes in weather in real time. As a result, warning notifications to children, adults, the elderly, local school facilities, hospital facilities, nursing care facilities, small and medium enterprises etc. can be communicated information individually, and prompt safety promptly. At the same time, we will accumulate information and we can make predictions that weather conditions will be bad. Therefore, it is possible to provide safety. Moreover, we can unify the seismic observation information carried out in various regions and universities by this same system. It is possible to make a more probable earthquake prediction and to be able to safely protect human life.

Farming Management

Improvement of productivity in agriculture has become a pressing issue in the world (not only in Japan). AllegroSmart gathers information about management of agricultural equipment, soil and weather, even such as agricultural products of market trends. It enables to centrally manage by integrating a variety of information, will contribute to the efficiency of agriculture.

Transportation & Logistics Management

According to spread of the e-commerce, requirements for logistics has advanced in both quality and quantity, such as same day shipping and cool flight. In order to meet these requirements, intelligence of logistics is essential, including the efficiency of delivery timing and delivery routes, corresponding to the traffic information (such as congestion), appropriate temperature management. AllegroSmart integrates the necessary information such as luggage temperature, location information and traffic information of a track, and process in real time, so makes it possible to encourage early appropriate action by the alert notification. Also, you can expect a reduction in delivery costs due to cooperation of the various purchasing information and shipping information. In addition, it can afford to care drivers’ health, also leads to accident prevention through the support of the safe and secure operation.

Automotive Management

In recent years, you can browse the vehicle information from the outside according to Open Car movement. Vehicle has become possible to work with other devices. Everyone has being established environment that can collect data from the car. In addition, open data movement spreads to other area, like traffic congestion information and weather information. To create a new value, combining a plurality of information is essential, not only limited in simple data collection. With AllegroSmart, you can integrate and interpret the collecting data, issue the alert in real time, analyze the obtained data offline after collecting.

O2O & Marketing Automation

In order to perform effective marketing, you should perceive the customer requirements and approach at the right time, considering Web access history and purchase history, real customer behavior history, additional information such as weather information. With AllegroSmart, you can interpret the real-time collecting data and accept alerts in real time. Also you can take out of the obtained data at any time, so you will be able to analyze anytime. It helps to realize advanced marketing automation.

Security Management

Physical security and information security have common characteristics in the sense of detecting threat mechanically and notifying alerts. But now, the physical security and information security must also be introducing a dedicated equipment and applications, it is difficult to integrate them. AllegroSmart detects threats mechanically by utilizing the IoT technology. By Connectivity function, various equipments can be integrated as a data source for detecting threats. It does not require a large-scale system, so you can easily deploy an integrated security management platform.


In the financial sector, large amounts of data are generated every day. However, if these data are not utilized, only accumulated, it means that you have not fully utilized the inherent value of the information. By the machine learning and flexible aggregation function of AllegroSmart, just from the data was the only store, you will be able to create a new value.

Data Integration

Conventionally, there is certain needs for mechanism that converts the information of a wide variety of formats that exist in various places to a single format and deliver to existing systems. In such case, with traditional system development approach, both of user and supplier should pay much cost and workload to unify data. AllegroSmart provides various data collecting mechanisms and the Optimize ability to incorporate any text data. So you can integrate data, quick and flexible way.