AllegroSmart Platform

AllegroSmart Cloud Services ™ connects the power of IoT to the vision of “Connected Product” easily and quickly in a highly flexible manner, get into market-ready solutions.

Smart AI

Full stack 16 Features

Flexible, Scalable, Quick, Easy

Smart Hub

Orchestrates of a wide variety of devices and systems.
Collects the data in real-time, optimize the meaning of the data.

  • Performs 200 connection and collection processings per sec.
  • Various file types can be processed.
  • Various data types can be processed.
    (Numeric Data/Text Data/Image Data/Binary)
  • Optimize the difference of data meanings.
Smart Processing

Processes data with multiple time-series processings and
multiple statistical analysis processing.

  • Performs time-series processing of different multiple data in real-time.
    (In 1/1000 second resolution)
  • Performs analysis processing of different multiple data in real-time.
  • Performs detection and notification processing of necessary data.
  • Performs calculation processing with re-utilizing the stored data.
Smart AI

Various predictions and anomaly detections from real-time data can be performed.

  • Executes prediction and automatic anomaly detection.
  • Executes multiple AI models concurrently.
  • Externally developed AI model also can be executed.
  • Multiple AI models training can be executed concurrently.
Smart DataLake

Stores analysis results, automatic prediction results and all other information, and enables to utilize the data in real-time.

  • Performs real-time high-speed write/utilize, 5000 processes per sec.
    (Numeric Data/Text Data/Image Data/Binary)
  • Manages AI Models and the learning scripts.
  • Provides API to facilitate development of applications and visualizations.
  • Provides calculation processing API such as resampling and downsampling.

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